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Digital Eye Strain Infographic

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Every year our patients spend more and more time in front of various digital “screens” or devices. Increasingly this leads to an array of symptoms including dry or itchy eyes, watery eyes, tired eyes, headaches and even blurred vision.  Put together these symptoms are called digital eye strain or computer vision syndrome.

Most people who wear glasses in front of computer screens use reading glasses or traditional progressive lenses. Both of which have limitations. Zeiss, one of the worlds leading lens manufacturers, produced this great infographic that talks about digital eye strain and new lens technology that allows people to see their entire work area more clearly and comfortably than ever before.

Follow the link to the infographic to learn more and talk to the doctors or staff at Abbey Eye Care about theses great new lenses.

Written by Jeff Goodhew

Dr. Goodhew graduated from the University of Waterloo with his Optometry degree in 1993 and became therapeutically licensed in 2000. He enjoys being an active part of his profession, having served as the President of the Ontario Association of Optometrists from 2014 through 2016. Dr. Goodhew also served as the co-chair of the National Public Education Committee for the Canadian Association of Optometrists.
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