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Children’s Eye Exams

Children’s vision is precious; given that up to 80% of their learning takes place visually. At Abbey Eye Care we recommend that children have their first eye examination by the age of 6 – 9 months and annually thereafter. OHIP covers eye examinations once per year from ages 0 – 19.

Children’s eye examinations are tailored to their age and ability. They do not need to know their alphabet and we make the experience as fun as possible! We use shapes, pictures, videos all in an effort to make it as engaging as possible. Parents are quite often surprised at how well their kids do during the exam.

It may be difficult to tell if your young child is having vision problems but there are symptoms to watch for. These include: rubbing eyes, squinting, blinking, turning or tilting of the head, headaches, wandering eyes, red eyes and complaints of not seeing what you see.

Our office is also a proud member of the Eye See Eye Learn program. This program entitles all junior kindergarten students who require a prescription to be supplied with glasses at no charge.


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