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Children’s eye exams

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Parents will often ask us when to bring their child in for an eye examination. The doctors at Abbey Eye Care recommend children have their first eye examination at 6 months of age, again at age 3 and every year after.

80% of learning is visual so we cannot stress the importance of brining your child in for an eye exam at an early age. Statistics show that only 15% of children have an eye exam before they start school. It is our goal at Abbey Eye Care to try and change that one child at a time.

Eye exams are covered by OHIP once per year up to and including age 19. Book your child’s eye exam today!

Written by Jeff Goodhew

Dr. Goodhew graduated from the University of Waterloo with his Optometry degree in 1993 and became therapeutically licensed in 2000. He enjoys being an active part of his profession, having served as the President of the Ontario Association of Optometrists from 2014 through 2016. Dr. Goodhew also served as the co-chair of the National Public Education Committee for the Canadian Association of Optometrists.
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