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LipiFlow: Dry Eye Treatment

LipiFlow Treatment

How does LipiFlow treat dry eye? LipiFlow is an in-office procedure that involves thermal expression of the eyelids. In other words, it heats the oil glands (meibomian glands) of your eyelids and gently expresses them. The LipiFlow in-office treatment can melt and remove blockages in the meibomian glands. This rejuvenates them so they produce more […]

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Ortho-K Lenses: 5 Things You Need To Know

Ortho-K lenses or Orthokeratology lenses are specially designed gas permeable lenses designed to gently reshape the cornea. The lenses are worn over night and removed in the morning allowing you to see during the day without glasses or regular contact lenses. They also have the added benefit of slowing down a child’s prescription as they […]

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Did Children’s Eyes Change During the Pandemic?

Myopia or nearsightedness is the inability to see things clearly in the distance. It is the most common prescription among children and young adults. The question is, did the number of myopic children increase over the course of the pandemic? What does the data tell us? A study done by the JAMA network looked at […]

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MiyoSmart Myopia Controlling Spectacle Lenses – New!

Myopia or nearsightedness is the inability to see things clearly in the distance. It is the most common prescription among children and young adults. The incidence of myopia is expected to increase significantly as lifestyles change. This is particularity important when it comes to children as they take part in more intense near tasks like […]

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Digital Eye Strain and COVID-19

give your eyes a break

No matter what your age, it seems that everyone has been spending more time on digital devices during this pandemic. Although digital device use cannot cause permanent damage to your eyes it can cause symptoms such as eye strain, headaches, dryness, and even interfere with your sleep. Here are some tips to help you alleviate […]

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Beyond Eye Drops: Knowing Your Dry Eye Treatment Options

woman putting in eye drops

Jeff and I have built a career on trying to find the most effective treatments for dry eye disease. We’ve looked at research from all over the world, travelled to conferences, attended lectures,  and sifted through studies in an attempt to find a variety of treatments to suit different kinds of dry eye disease and […]

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Cleaning Your Glasses: How to Clean Your Lenses Without Streaks or Scratches

If you wear glasses full-time, your lenses are bound to accumulate dust, dirt, and oils throughout the day. There are few things more frustrating than looking through a smudged pair of eyeglasses. You may be guilty of cleaning your glasses by breathing onto the lens then wiping it with the edge of your shirt. This […]

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New Zeiss Myopia Management Lens Solutions

Zeiss Canada has recently launched two new eyeglass lens options specifically designed for children who have progressive Myopia. Myopia, more commonly known as nearsightedness, is a condition where objects in the distance are blurred. Children with Myopia wear glasses to see distant objects more clearly. The prevalence of myopia is becoming a serious problem, especially […]

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