Top 5 Reasons Children Need a Back to School Eye Exam

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Posted on August 7, 2023 | by Dr. Tina Goodhew Updated: August 8, 2023

Making sure your child can see clearly and comfortably at school is important for their academic success. Add a back to school eye exam to your list of things to prior to starting the school year. It’s quick and easy to do and kids tend to really enjoy the overall experience when they visit the Optometrist.

Here are the top 5 reasons why booking a back to school eye exam for your child should be at the top of your list.

  1. Kid’s don’t always know how the world should look.

Children have no comparison when it comes to their vision. They may simply assume that what they see is how the world is supposed to look. Until they are shown how clear the world should be they simply accept the way things are.

  1. Poor vision can be mistaken for learning or behavioral difficulties

If a child has a hard time following what is going on at the front of the class (blackboard, whiteboard, smartboard etc…) they can easily get bored or frustrated. When this happens they can act out or ask their classmates questions about what the teacher is trying to show them at the front of the class. Their teachers may misinterpret this lack of attention to failing to understand the material or possibly conclude the child suffers from ADHD.

  1. Screen time combined with less outdoor time is impacting children’s vision

Children and spending more time indoors and while inside, spending more time on screens. Research shows us this combination of behaviors is driving levels of myopia (nearsightedness) to reach epidemic proportions. During your child’s eye exam we will check for nearsightedness and also discuss lifestyle factors that can reduce the chance of becoming nearsighted in the future. If you child is found to be myopic we can now slow down how quickly their eyes change by using something called myopia control.

  1. Kid’s eyes are changing as they grow

As kids grow their eyes often change with them. Even if your child “passed” their eye exam last year with flying colours, doesn’t mean they will this year. We routinely see children where they go from perfect vision to needing glasses in under a year.

  1. Assessing eye health is just as important as vision

Just because your child can see well doesn’t always mean their eyes are healthy. A thorough eye health assessment is part of every annual eye exam we do on children, ensuring their eyes remain health for years to come.

We understand parents and children are busy this time of year. As a result we work hard to ensure the eye exam experience is easy and enjoyable for everyone involved. Take your child’s eye exam off your to-do list by booking your back to school eye exam today!

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