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Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery

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Thanks to Peter S. from the Bochner Eye Institute for coming to talk to us about new advances in cataract surgery. Bochner Eye Institute is now using a femto-second laser to aid in cataract surgery. The laser provides two main advantages. The first is that it allows for cleaner and more precise incisions. Secondly it reduces the amount of energy required to break apart the cataract inside the eye. Both of these are major advancements forward in the area of cataract surgery. We look forward to helping our patients access this exciting new technology.

Written by Jeff Goodhew

Dr. Goodhew graduated from the University of Waterloo with his Optometry degree in 1993 and became therapeutically licensed in 2000. He enjoys being an active part of his profession, having served as the President of the Ontario Association of Optometrists from 2014 through 2016. Dr. Goodhew also served as the co-chair of the National Public Education Committee for the Canadian Association of Optometrists.
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