Avulux Lenses Provide Migraine Relief

Published on: September 21, 2023 | By: Dr. Tina Goodhew

Migraine headaches affect approximately 15% of people worldwide. According to the World Health Organization, migraine headaches are the sixth most disabling disease. Thankfully help is available. Introducing the new Avulux migraine & light sensitivity lens which is classified as a Class 1 Medical Device by Health Canada. Keep reading to learn more about this exciting technology.

avulux frame and lenses

How do Avulux Migraine Lenses Work?

In 2016, Harvard researchers studied 69 migraine patients during an untreated migraine attack to determine the impact of certain colours of light on the intensity of their headaches. What they found was that white, blue, amber and red lights all increased migraine headache pain, and green light reduced pain. Researchers propose that light sensitive cells in the retina relay pain signals back to the brain.

avulux aggravating colours soothing colours

Avulux lenses use precision optical filters to absorb (block) the aggravating wavelengths of light in the blue, amber and red spectrum while allowing in soothing green light as seen in the image below.

avulux lenses filter aggravating wavelengths of light
aggravating blue, red & amber blocked | soothing green passes through

Clinically Proven Results

The researchers behind Avulux lenses completed a double blind randomized controlled trial in 2020. The results demonstrated that if Avulux lenses were worn during the first hour after the onset of a migraine attack, there was a statistically significant reduction in migraine symptoms compared to the sham lens (placebo). The clinical trial information can be found here

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Who would benefit from Avulux Lenses?

Avulux migraine lenses seem to be most beneficial in patients that suffer from light sensitivity during their migraine attacks. Studies show that 49% of migraine sufferers report photophobia (light sensitivity) as their most bothersome symptom. By wearing Avulux lenses, individuals experiencing migraines and light sensitivity typically find relief and improvement in their overall quality of life.

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Abbey Eye Care – Avulux Loaner Program

If you are interested to see if Avulux lenses will help manage your migraine symptoms, consider taking advantage of our loaner program. We have a limited number of Avulux lenses that you can borrow and try at home for 2 weeks. This allows you to truly see if this technology is right for you. Reach out to our team to learn more about our loaner program.