Ortho-K in Oakville

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What is Ortho-K?

Ortho-K is a type of contact lens that corrects your vision while you sleep. It is a non-surgical procedure that eliminates the need for glasses or contact lenses during the day.

Ortho-K Controls Myopia

In children, Ortho-K can dramatically slow down prescription change as your child grows. Research shows that Ortho-K slows myopia progression by 40-70%, learn more about our myopia clinic here.

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How Does Ortho-K Work?

A specially designed contact lens is worn while you sleep and removed upon awakening, similar to a dental retainer. It gently reshapes the front surface of the eye, allowing you to see during the day without glasses or contacts. Ortho-K works well for people with nearsightedness/myopia and low amounts of astigmatism.

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Can it Stop My Eyes From Changing?

Ortho-K lenses have been shown to slow down the rate of change of a child’s nearsighted prescription by up to 40-70%. That’s why we often use ortho-k in our myopia control clinic to slow myopia progression.

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Is it Safe?

The FDA approved Ortho-K in 2002 for reshaping the cornea with no age restriction and no adverse events reported in a clinical study of 410 eyes. In May 2021 the FDA approved Ortho-K lenses from Johnson & Johnson to control myopia progression in children. As with regular contact lenses, Ortho-k lenses need to be properly cared for. Diligent cleaning, storing, and disinfection can help prevent problems with Ortho-k lenses.

For more information about Ortho-k, or to see if you or your child might benefit from Ortho-K therapy, book an appointment online today.

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5 Things to Know About Ortho-K

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