Slowing Myopia with Zeiss MyoCare Lenses

Written By: Dr. Jeff Goodhew

Abbey Eye Care is excited to have access to the latest generation of myopia management lenses from a global leader in vision care, Zeiss. The MyoCare lens from Zeiss took more than 10 years to develop and it provides kids clear comfortable vision in the distance but also significantly slows the progression of their myopia.

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The Science Behind Zeiss MyoCare Lenses

For a myopia management lens to be effective it must overcome certain design challenges and strike a balance between good distance vision and control of myopia progression. To achieve this, the Zeiss Myocare lenses included the following important features:

  • A central zone large enough to provide sharp crisp distance vision when your child looks straight through the lens.
  • Special concentric C.A.R.E elements are incorporated around the central zone extending all the way to the edge of the lens – this is the management zone of the lens and it is much larger than other myopia management lenses available today.
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What do the Clinical Trials Tell Us?

Zeiss MyoCare lenses slowed down the growth of the eye significantly in children of varying ages. More specifically:

  • 86% slowing of eye growth in children aged 10 – 12 years
  • 63% slowing of eye growth in children aged 7-9 years

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Myopia Management Services, What Sets Us Apart

The doctors and staff at Abbey Eye Care are highly trained in the latest research surrounding myopia management and have created a dedicated myopia management clinic within our practice. We have also invested heavily in technology to help us determine which option(s) are best for your child and to help us measure and track to see if the therapy is working. We are one of a few Optometry clinics in Ontario to have a Zeiss IOL master that allows us to measure the length of your child’s eye which is the gold standard in tracking myopia progression. In addition to that, Drs. Jeff & Tina Goodhew have lectured across North America, teaching their colleagues about the importance of myopia management for their pediatric patients.