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Myopia Control Could Save Your Child From Future Vision Problems

Myopia, also known as nearsightedness, has become increasingly common in children over recent years. This refractive error causes light to focus at a point just in front of the retina, making it difficult for the person to see distant objects clearly.

Childhood myopia cases tend to get worse over time, resulting in the need for particularly strong correction once the child reaches adulthood. Abbey Eye Care proudly offers myopia control; a series of treatments meant to prevent myopia from getting too severe as your child grows.

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Ortho-K Lenses Offer Overnight Correction

Ortho-k lenses are special rigid gas permeable contact lenses designed for night-time wear. As your child sleeps, the ortho-k lenses gently and temporarily reshape your child’s cornea, correcting their myopia. When your child wakes up, they remove the contact lenses and go about their day with sharp distance vision without the use of glasses or contact lenses.

Ortho-k lenses can help keep your child’s eyes from growing in a way that exacerbates their case of myopia.

Other Methods of Myopia Control

Atropine eye drops temporarily halt the mechanism responsible for allowing the eyes change focus. This relaxation helps prevent the focusing fatigue linked to myopia progression.

Multifocal lenses offer different levels of correction in different areas of the lens. This changes the way light refracts and focuses in the eye, providing clear vision at all distances and reducing focusing fatigue. Studies indicate that a child’s myopia shows the greatest suspension in progress when they wear multifocal lenses for 7 hours a day or more.

Abbey Eye Care is proud to offer MiSight soft contact lenses. These multifocal daily disposable lenses reduce the risk of infection and contamination, particularly for kids, as they don’t need to be disinfected and reused.

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