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New Myopia Control Contact Lens – MiSight

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MiSight presented at the British Contact Lens Association June 2017

CooperVision has released a myopia control contact lens for children in the UK this month. This follows a three-year multi-site study that shows that this new contact lens design is effective in slowing myopia (nearsightedness) progression in children by 59%.

The prospective, multi-centre, double-masked, randomized three-year study enrolled 144 myopic children aged 8 – 12 from Singapore, Canada (Waterloo), England and Portugal.

Approximately 29% of children by the age of 12 will be myopic in Canada so any strategies/tools at our disposal to address this epidemic are seen as a welcome development.

This new contact lens is a daily disposable lens which has been approved for use in the UK and is currently under review by the FDA and Health Canada.

Abbey Eye Care is excited to begin using this lens once approved for use in Canada and we will update our patients once it is available.

For more information on this lens please visit the CooperVision website.

Written by Dr. Tina Goodhew

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