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Introducing AIR OPTIX COLORS contact lenses

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colored contact lenses

Alcon has just released its latest innovation in colored contact lenses, AIR OPTIX COLORS. It has been a long time since we have seen any new products in the colored contact lens category, so this is a welcome release.

AIR OPTIX COLORS are designed to enhance dark or light eyes, with a completely natural effect and can be prescribed with or without vision correction. They feature a technology that combines 3 colors in 1 to blend naturally with the color of your eye, so you can experience a new look that can be subtle or vibrant.

colored contact lenses

Alcon has been the industry leader in colored contact lenses with its flagship product, FRESHLOOK colors. They have taken the same colored effect technology and combined it with the AIR OPTIX lens material. AIR OPTIX is the leading monthly disposable contact lens which offers excellent deposit resistance and superb breathability. This helps ensure your eyes not only look healthy but stay healthy.

colored contact lens features

The colored lenses are available in 9 colors (5 subtle and 4 vibrant).

colored contact lenses 9 colors

The AIR OPTIX COLORS lenses for the first time offer comfort, beauty and health – all in one lens material.

Below are actual pictures of two of our team members wearing the AIR OPTIX COLORS lenses.

JR colored contacts

Jessica R wearing the Brilliant Blue lens on the L side

JF colored contacts

Jessica F wearing the Gemstone Green lens on the R side

We are pleased to offer this exciting new lens technology to our patients. Don’t hesitate to ask anyone of our doctors or staff about this new lens from Alcon.

Written by Jeff Goodhew

Dr. Goodhew graduated from the University of Waterloo with his Optometry degree in 1993 and became therapeutically licensed in 2000. He enjoys being an active part of his profession, having served as the President of the Ontario Association of Optometrists from 2014 through 2016. Dr. Goodhew also served as the co-chair of the National Public Education Committee for the Canadian Association of Optometrists.
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