Infant & Children’s Vision

Written By: Dr. Jeff Goodhew
Dr Tina Goodhew Optometrist
Dr. Tina Goodhew at Baby Basics talking to new moms about infant vision.

Drs. Tina & Jeff Goodhew spoke today to the Momstown Oakville baby basics session. Today’s topic was on infant and childhood vision. Drs. Tina and Jeff talked about vision development right from birth to pre-school age. Visual developmental milestones were discussed at 1 month, 3 months, 6 months of age and beyond.  Aspects such as visual acuity (sharpness of vision), eye alignment, colour vision and depth perception were all touched on.  The goal of the session was to educate young moms on what is normal visual development and what things would be considered abnormal.  The session was well received and the questions afterwards were great!

We encourage all infants to have their eyes examined between 6 – 12 months of age, between 3 -4 years of age and every year afterwards. As a reminder, children’s eye examinations are covered once per year by OHIP up to an including age 19.

Thanks to momstown Oakville for giving us the opportunity to talk about such an important topic.