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Cleaning Your Glasses: How to Clean Your Lenses Without Streaks or Scratches

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If you wear glasses full-time, your lenses are bound to accumulate dust, dirt, and oils throughout the day. There are few things more frustrating than looking through a smudged pair of eyeglasses.

You may be guilty of cleaning your glasses by breathing onto the lens then wiping it with the edge of your shirt. This common method can actually damage the surface of your lenses, resulting in the coating wearing away and forming scratches on the lens.

But if that method is wrong, what method is the right way to clean eyeglasses? We share our tips below.

Cleaning Your Glasses the Right Way

Step One

Wash and dry your hands thoroughly. Make sure to use lotion-free soap to clean your hands and a lint-free towel to dry them.

Step Two

Rinse your lenses under lukewarm water. Avoid hot water, as it can damage your lens coating.

Step Three

Apply a drop of dishwashing soap to each lens. Make sure the soap is moisturizer-free to prevent streaking. You should not need more than a drop half the size of a pea.

Step Four

Rub the lenses and the frame between your fingers using gentle pressure. Make sure to reach all parts of the frame, including the temples, nose pads, and corners where the lens fits into the frame.

Step Five

Rinse the front and back of the lenses under running lukewarm water, then gently shake off any excess water.

Step Six

Dry the lenses and frame with a lint-free towel. It’s important that you choose a towel that has not been laundered with a dryer sheet or fabric softener.

Step Seven

Check the lenses for any remaining smudges or smears. Your glasses most likely came with a microfiber cloth. Use a clean microfiber cloth to remove any remaining streaks.

Cleaning Your Glasses Without Running Water

On the road? This is where lens sprays and cleaning cloths come in handy. Simply spray the lens cleaning solution onto both sides of the lens, gently rub the lenses between your fingers, and wipe with the cleaning cloth. You may also want to try using individually packaged, pre-moistened lens cleaning wipes.

What Not to Do

  • Don’t use your shirt or sweater to clean your glasses, as some materials may contain abrasive fibres that scratch your lenses.
  • Don’t use household surface cleaners or window cleaners to clean your glasses, as these contain ingredients that can damage the coatings on your lenses. That means no Windex!
  • Don’t use tissues, napkins or toilet paper to clean your lenses. Although they may be convenient, they can leave behind unwanted lint and scratch your lenses.

Remember to Keep Your Glasses Clean!

Cleaning your eyeglasses on a regular basis can prevent the build-up of stubborn, hard-to-remove dirt. Knowing how to properly clean your glasses can prolong the life of your glasses and help you see and look your best!

Written by Dr. Phyllis Ho

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