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Abbey Eye Care & EnChroma Launch the Loaner / Gift Program

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Abbey Eye Care in partnership with EnChroma eye wear, is excited to offer a new and exciting program called the EnChroma Loaner / Gift Program. Since we began selling EnChroma eye wear in January 2018 we have literally had hundreds of patients come into our practice to experience this exciting colour enhancing technology. Typically, patients would try on the glasses in our practice, look at the numerous coloured items we have collected specifically to showcase these amazing colour enhancing filters and then step outside to experience even more new and enhanced colours.

Often times patients would ask if they could take the glasses home to try and on occasion we have lent out the glasses for a day or two. In partnership with EnChroma we have brought in numerous trial or demo glasses to expand on this opportunity. Patients can now borrow both the indoor and outdoor glasses (both pairs) for a one-week trial period. This allows patients time to experience this colour enhancing technology at home at work and at play.
The other great opportunity of this program is for people buying EnChroma eye wear as a gift for a loved one or someone they know. Folks were sometimes hesitant to purchase glasses not knowing if they would work or not. This program alleviates that worry as there is no commitment to purchase.

Abbey Eye Care & EnChroma eye wear are very excited to roll out this program. We feel it will allow even more people to experience a more colourful world.

If you want to learn more details about the specifics of the Loaner / Gift Program please reach out to our team.

Written by Jeff Goodhew

Dr. Goodhew graduated from the University of Waterloo with his Optometry degree in 1993 and became therapeutically licensed in 2000. He enjoys being an active part of his profession, having served as the President of the Ontario Association of Optometrists from 2014 through 2016. Dr. Goodhew also served as the co-chair of the National Public Education Committee for the Canadian Association of Optometrists.
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